Ak-47 Strain: Taste, Aroma, Effect And More

AK-47 is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain and is perfect for medication during any day. This strain helps people stay relaxed, mentally sharp and alert, accompanied by a strong cerebral buzz. The strain of AK-47 is the right choice for marijuana users going through stress, chronic relief, anxiety and low appetite. Keep reading to learn other things before an individual purchases bulk AK-47 feminized seeds.

  • Taste And Aroma

AK-47 is famous for being an aromatic and enticing strain. It releases a mixture of fragrances that helps to build up a pleasant yet intensive scent. Sandalwood, pinewood and floral fragrances are present, and they show themselves at the early stage.

If the person decides to dig deeper, they will discover a citrus aroma that will dazzle the person’s senses and give them a feeling of freshness into their soul. One can taste the floral scents in much more obvious ways. One will get sweet and spicy aftertaste, sweetness having the upper hand.

These strains are the right choice for newbies because they are quite appealing to the tongue of the consumers and do not release any spiciness or extreme sourness.

  • Effect

As the name of the strain goes “AK-47”, the effect of this strain does not match with the name at all. One can expect this strain to be a powerful one that will knock off the individual’s senses; instead, the users will enjoy a relaxing, mellow and euphoric after effect that helps to reduce the stress, anxiety and pain out of them.

The effects of AK-47 are concentrated more on the soothing side than the energetic side. The cerebral rush makes it easier for people to focus, concentrate and indulge in a deeper level of creativity. If the physical effects are considered, AK-47 helps an individual’s body relax and calm for a while. It is easier for some people to giggle and laugh after consuming the green herbs, even in their dark phases.

People purchase bulk AK 47 feminized seeds and grow them because consuming these green herbs is helpful to them after a stressful day or a week.

  • Medical Effects

Suppose observed from the psychological view. AK-47 proves to be quite efficient and beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, mood disorders and depression. This strain has therapeutic benefits but can increase mood fluctuations if consumed in a large amount. The strain of AK-47 can assist in even more serious situations and help to reduce nausea and pain from chemotherapy and several other treatments.

The Bottom Line

Most of the users buy bulk AK-47 feminized seeds and grow them to enjoy the benefits of the strain’s relaxing effect, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Other people consume this strain to deal with aches and chronic pains.

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