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Cracked Tooth: Everything You Must Know About the Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

If you experience pain while chewing food, or your teeth suddenly become sensitive to cold and heat you may be suffering from a cracked tooth. Leaving a cracked tooth untreated may lead to severe problems, pain, and discomfort over time. ...

Dental Care

How Pocket Irrigation Can Improve Gum Health

Unhealthy oral habits lead to gum disease, which left untreated progresses to periodontal disease. It is a degenerative disorder that causes gum inflammation, bone involvement, and tooth loss.  Fortunately, there are several effective treatments available to prevent the disease's progression....


Why Clear Aligners Are Better Than Metal Braces

You have been delaying orthodontic treatment because you would not have been seen with metal brackets and wires covering your teeth instead. Traditional braces may require years to effectively straighten your smile, during which time you must endure dietary restrictions,...


Can Arthritis Be Cured By Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery may prove very helpful for individuals with severe arthritis. This popular treatment reduces stiffness and pain with a success rate of 95%, enabling improved movement and an eventual return to an active way of life. Getting arthritis...

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