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Top 6 Causes of Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases are a group of oral diseases that affect the structures that support your teeth, in particular, the teeth supporting your gums. These dental conditions are caused by bacteria living in and on the gum tissues. You should essentially...


Who are Endodontists and Their Treatments?

Endodontists are dental health professionals who are specialists in saving your tooth. Every endodontist is a dentist but not every dentist is an endodontist. They specialize in diagnosing toothaches, root canals, and other internal processes of the teeth. Endodontists are...


Why Are Vitamins So Important?

Vitamins are extremely important to the health of our body. They boost the immune system and help the body stay healthy naturally. They also aid in the functioning of the brain, nerves, and internal organs. However, our bodies do not...