All About SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) and Its Suitability for Different Hair Loss Types

When was the last time you walked with confidence knowing your hair looked good? If you can’t recall and are feeling a bit anxious about it, it’s totally okay. 

Hair loss concerns can hurt your self-esteem and confidence, and make you opt for expensive and tedious hair restoration options like FUE hair transplant. However, there’s another solution to restore your crowning glory – Scalp Micropigmentation, which is AKA head hair tattoo or SMP. This cosmetic treatment has recently risen in popularity and for good reasons. 

So, are you curious to learn how SMP can transform your hair loss journey? If so, you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the SMP technique, its benefits, suitability and a comparison between SMP vs hair transplants. Stick around! 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to create an illusion of existing hair. If you are a man dealing with male pattern baldness, you can expect a clean-shaved buzz cut. For any woman with thinning hair, you can expect thicker and fuller hair. The procedure can also be used as a scar treatment for individuals who have undergone transplants. So, what’s the science behind it? 

The head hair tattoo utilises small electric needles to deposit small dots of colour pigments. With the practitioner using different angles and depths, the dots formed to replicate the existing hair follicles. 

Top 3 Benefits of the SMP Process 

Natural Appearance

If you have ever seen SMP for buzz cut before and after, you can attest that no one can tell if it’s actually a head hair tattoo. The procedure creates an undetectable illusion, making it perfect for combating thinning hair, baldness, receding hairlines and various types of alopecia. To bring out the natural-looking results, the practitioner uses a colour pigment that matches your hair colour and skin tone.

Non-Surgical Solution With Minimum Risks and Downtime

If you are thinking of going with hair treatment procedures, including hair transplants, surgery is inevitable, and so is post-operative pain and scarring. Luckily, Scalp Micropigmentation is purely non-invasive, as the needles only penetrate the upper layer of the scalp. The healing process is also quick; there’s no downtime and one can get back to their normal routine in 3-5 days!

Concealing Scars 

Scalp Micropigmentation is not limited to hair loss problems. There is also SMP for scar treatment. This type of procedure is perfect if you have ever undergone a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant procedures always leave visible scars. Getting a hair tattoo can help conceal the scars and add density to the existing hair. 

Suitability of Scalp Micropigmentation For Different Hair Loss Types 

SMP Receding Hairlines

The first early signs of male pattern baldness are usually receding hairlines. Over time, the hairline gradually moves back, forming an M shape. While you won’t be bald completely, you should not ignore the signs.

Getting Scalp Micropigmentation can help reduce the visibility of the signs. And the best part is that you don’t have to settle for one hairline style. Your practitioner can help create a hairline that suits the shape of your head giving you a realistic buzz-cut.

SMP for Thinning Hair 

If you are not satisfied with your hair density, you will notice a huge difference when you schedule an SMP for thinning hair before and after. The procedure creates an illusion of thicker and fuller hair in regions experiencing hair thinning. And yes, you don’t have to shave your hair to leverage this procedure. Your SMP practitioner can work to provide the needed coverage without altering your existing hair. 

SMP For Concealing Bald Patches 

Whether you have bald patches or complete baldness, SMP can help you regain your confidence. With a qualified practitioner, you can create natural-looking hairlines and fill in the patches without having to shave your hair. If you have large patches of baldness, we recommend you go for a full Scalp Micropigmentation procedure.

SMP Vs Hair Transplant 

Scalp Micropigmentation is far more visually compared to hair transplant. Once you get the hair tattoo, you will start seeing immediate results. Hair transplants, on the other hand, are a surgical process that requires time for you to see the results. 

Unfortunately, positive results aren’t always guaranteed, unlike with SMP. If you are lucky enough to have the transplanted hair follicles grow healthy hair, it won’t be dense enough. Not to worry if you have already had the hair transplant procedure. You can still go for a hair SMP to enhance the results of the hair transplant. It’s also a great scar treatment if you have big scars after the hair transplant procedure.

Getting SMP done is perhaps the best decision you can make if you have hair loss concerns. You get a natural-looking appearance without draining your wallet – just make sure you choose a reputable SMP clinic in Sydney, and you can rest assured of getting natural-looking and long-lasting results.