All That You Need to Know About Stem Cells and Their Benefits

In general, there are two types of stem cells. They are broadly categorized as adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. As the name suggests, embryonic ones are derived from unused embryos. They are produced as a result of the process called Vitro fertilization.

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When it comes to adult stem cells, it is again categorized into two types. One type comes from the completely developed tissues like skin, bone marrow, and brain.

Then there is the second type known as Induced pluripotent stem cells. According to research, they appear to be similar to embryonic stem cells, but they are not yet known to be capable of further developing into the known types of cells and tissues. Studies are being conducted to understand more about their characteristics.

What are these stem cells and how are they different from regular cells and tissues?

Stem cells are immature cells and they can develop and grow as the body cells as they mature. They also play an important role in making our bodies grow different organs that are capable of performing the required functions.

Many medical procedures and therapies are done by extracting stem cells and are most commonly used in bone marrow transplants. They are known to be helpful to cancer patients as they aid in the process of making new blood cells. Besides cancer treatments, they are used for treating aging-related problems and pain.

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Stem cell therapy – Brief Introduction

Stem cell therapy for pain relief is known to support quick, powerful, and long-lasting outcomes. As this process is non-invasive, there is little to no chance of side effects. Stem cell therapy is not associated with any complications, which is probably one of the main reasons for its popularity.

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Continue reading to know about the various benefits of stem cell therapy.

  • According to some studies, stem cells can repair the blood vessels of the heart effectively. Stem cells are considered one of the preferred methods for treating cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Stem cell therapy can be chosen for managing pain. It is useful for people suffering from acute pain, as it can help in repairing damaged tissues. It revives the degenerating joints caused due to aging or physical injuries. Stem cell therapy plays a very important role in treating some of the neurodegenerative diseases that are caused due to the progression of diabetes.
  • As these therapies are almost painless, anesthesia is not required for numbing the body parts. You don’t experience much pain during the procedure. You can stay comfortable and confident during the treatment procedure. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you can talk about it with your specialist. They will then take a call on how to proceed with the therapy by addressing the pain.
  • Certain wounds have the potential to permanently harm the tissues around them. Patients with severe wounds as a result of sports, employment hazards, or auto accidents frequently face excruciating agony and frustration, as the pain does not reduce for an extended period. Such damaged tissue can be gradually regenerated with the help of stem cells, thereby lessening frustrations and relieving pain.
  • Most patients want to get back to their normal routines. Stem cell therapy can speed up the process of healing and improves the flexibility and motion of the injured joint. The main benefit of stem cell therapy is, it helps patients with injuries recover fast.
  • The treatment procedure doesn’t take much time, unlike other medical treatments.
  • Stem cell therapy is not at all a costly treatment. This means you need not worry about your budget.

Take an appointment with a reputed clinic to get the treatment done for pain relief or anti-aging!