With the evolution of the human race, a lot of changes have taken place in the human body. Ranging from the posture of our body to the size of our brains. Some of our facial features which have changed and have been revolutionized in the long run are jaw, brow bone and eyebrows.


A brow bone, according to Wikipedia can be defined as a bony ridge that is located just above the sockets of the eyes of all primates. In Homo sapiens, aka humans, the eyebrows are located on the lower margin of the brow bone. The brow bone can also said to be a crest of bone situated in tye frontal bone of the skull. The brow bone forms the separation between the portion of the forehead and the roof of the sockets of the eyes.

Other animals, or the species of animals closest to the Homo sapiens like apes (gorillas or chimpanzees etc.) have a very pronounced brow bone arching over their eyes. On the other hand, in orangutans and humans, such protruding brow bones are absent and the arch is not as pronounced.


In the earlier times, protruding brow bones provided no further function other than helping the strong, huge jaws work mechanically. It helped the ancient species to tear easily through food such as flesh and meat. Thicker eyebrows in the past, due to a pronounced brow bone, was also a trait of masculinity. It was thought that people with thick eyebrows could easily assert dominance and therefore, had a lot of social reputation and dominance.

Sometimes, a protruding brow bone can be a sign of a medical condition. Increased or a constantly pronouncing brow bone could be a sign of frontal bossing. This may happen due to an imbalance in the hormones of a person.


Brow bone reduction, also known as the feminization of a face is the procedure that is used to get a reduction in your protruding brow bone.

Different techniques are used by surgeons when treating a patient with a heavy brow ridge. Many factors that come into play are the prominence of your brow bone, the thickness of the frontal wall of your sinus, the size of the sinus, and the size and structure of your forehead. The procedure is often combined with a brow lift surgery or a hairline lowering advancement surgery.

If the patient being treated has a small sinus with a thick frontal wall of sinus, the excess brow ridge can be burred or shaved. If the slope between the nose and your forehead is already gentle and feminine, the surgeon just fills and contours the area above it.


The surgery takes two to three hours of procedure and an overnight stay at the clinic of treatment may be required. The patient is given anesthesia for the treatment and may stay under its influence for a while. The recovery lasts about one to two weeks and most patients can go back to work after that time period.