Everything To Know About Binge Drinking 

A person, who smokes continuously is known as a chain smoker. In the same way, the person, who prefers drinking alcohol continuously and makes his blood alcohol level reach 0.80 g/dl is known as an alcoholic or a binge drinker. This pattern of drinking resulting in more than 0.80 g/dl blood alcohol level is known as binge drinking. 

Whenever the alcohol detox calculator shows more than the 0.15 g/dl in your dear one’s body, you should understand that it is time for them to get enrolled in a detoxification center. Detox To Rehab is one such support service for people that are looking for help for their binge drinking issue. 

Symptoms of Binge Drinking 

You are a binge drinker if you have these symptoms. 

  • Consuming alcohol continuously at the events or social gatherings 
  • Drinking so many alcoholic beverages that your brain cells cannot withstand and you end up blacking out 
  • Drinking more than 5 drinks in an hour 
  • Crossing the limit that you have set for yourself while drinking alcohol 
  • Doing some regretful actions while being drunk and regretting them after getting sobered up 
  • Feeling hungover or even tired after drinking excessively the last night 
  • Understanding that you have a drinking issue, and yet failing to give up the drinking habit 

People that belong 18 to 34 are more prone to become binge drinkers. Sometimes the age limits might exceed 45 to 50 years as well. 

Causes of Binge Drinking 

  • Alcohol derivation effect
  • Binge drinking because of stress 
  • Binge drinking socially 
  • Binge drinking because of boredom or changing mood 

Results of Binge Drinking 

  • Poisoning from alcohol 
  • Accidents or falling off the vehicles 
  • Disorders related to alcohol abuse 
  • Chronic issues such as heart disease, stroke, and liver disease 
  • Fetal alcohol disorder 

Sometimes alcoholic toxicity in the body can lead to the development of cancerous cells in the body.