Four Important Factors When Choosing A Bed for Seniors


Getting a great night’s rest is dependent on a few factors including stress, eating habits and daily activities. This cannot be truer than in the case of a senior citizen. In addition to these factors is the use of a comfortable mattress. The right mattress will offer elderly the support they need to ensure their bodies are as comfortable as possible when they sleep. 

There is a range of factors which everyone should consider when buys a mattress, but there are for key points to keep in mind when purchasing a bed for a senior member of the family. Here are our top four tips for buying mattresses for seniors.


One of the key points to consider before choosing the best type of mattress is to determine its level of comfort. If you are, or if you intend on buying a mattress for a senior member of the community, always make sure that it is comfortable. Wherever possible try to take the elderly person with you, after all, the best way to determine comfort is to give the mattress a good test. It is important to not be afraid to give the mattress a good go. Lie down on it and sit up.

Make sure that the mattress is also a perfect fit. Buying a mattress is an entirely personal choice, dependant on the preferences of the sleeper. If there will be more than one person sleeping on the mattress, both persons will need to make sure that the chosen mattress fits perfectly.


Aside from ensuring a great night’s sleep, the mattress has a very important role to play in ensuring the physical health of the sleeper. The average person will spend up to a third of their life asleep, so it is important to ensure that the mattress is able to perfectly support their body during times of rest.

A mattress which offers poor support will end up having a negative impact on the sleeper. They will wake up feeling tired and sore. One of the first signs that a mattress is no longer offering proper support is a sore back when the sleeper wakes up in the morning. The supportive capability of a mattress should include the ability to a firm, uniform support of the body when the person is lying down.


There are several materials which are used in the manufacture of mattresses. These can greatly vary in the support which they offer as well as the level of comfort provided. For example, an innerspring mattress is available in a wide variety of firmness levels, but they do not necessarily offer the same support as mattresses constructed from high-quality latex or memory foam. Again, it is important to remember that the decision to buy a mattress is a personal one and the sleeper may prefer an innerspring mattress to any others.


Always shop around for a new mattress, choosing the first best one, may leave you out of pocket. But visiting several different stores will ensure that you are able to get the best value for your money.