Four Ways to Protect Your Oral Health If You Have a Sweet Tooth

If you are like many people with a sweet tooth, you may be wondering how this can affect your oral health. Unfortunately, too much sugar can ruin your oral health. In both adults and children, sugar consumption is a leading cause of tooth decay. Although bacteria naturally grow in your mouth, the sugar you consume feeds these bacteria to produce acids. This acid destroys the enamel of your tooth, leading to cavities. 

Your saliva helps dilute and eliminate such effects, together with a good oral hygiene routine. But when you consume too much sugar, the system can be overwhelmed, speeding up decay. To protect your teeth when you have a sweet tooth, you need to take your oral hygiene routine seriously, including regular visits to your dentist in Coconut Creek, Florida. Also, here are tips you should keep in mind:

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

You need to pay attention to where your sugar comes from and avoid these foods. Did you know that sodas, sweet teas, energy drinks, and fruit juices contain lots of sugar? Make it a habit to check the ingredients of your foods, such as frozen meals, snack bars, bread, and yogurts. A lot of processed foods contain a high amount of sugar and must be avoided or limited if you want to maintain good oral health. 

Brush and Floss Your Teeth Regularly

To fight your sweet tooth, you need to establish good dental health habits. Aside from brushing your teeth two times every day, you must also floss them regularly to get rid of sugary food that may be stuck between your teeth. Also, get a new toothbrush every three months or so. 

Drink Water After Each Meal

If you want to protect your teeth, ditch the habit of drinking sodas after every meal. Instead, switch to water. Consuming water with each snack and meal will get rid of unnecessary sugars, hydrate your mouth, as well as rinse sugar and debris away. 

Get Satisfying Snack 

To reduce the impact of sugars in your mouth, avoid candies and sweets that add to the problem. Dried fruits and toffees are sugar-rich and may stick to the teeth, making them hard to remove. Also, hard candies and lollipops encourage sugars to be in your mouth for a long time. 

Instead of those sugar options, switch to whole foods as your snacks in between meals. Consider eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables as they can offer your body natural sugars. Also, they can help keep your teeth clean.