How To Make Blue Lotus Tea And Its Benefits 

The Blue Lotus plant is an age-old tradition consumed by people around the world. However, unlike its psychoactive effects, not many people know about the plant’s health benefits.

The plant, which is now endangered, played an essential role in ancient society. It has been used for generations to provide relief from issues like stress, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This post explores some of the advantages of Blue Lotus tea, and how you can make it yourself at home. Keep reading to discover more facts about the plant!

What Is Blue Lotus Plant Tea?

Blue Lotus tea is made from the Nelumbo Nucifera plant, popularly known as the Blue Lotus plant, also known as the blue water lily. The plant has a beautiful and euphoric fragrance and has been used as a remedy for certain medical problems in certain parts of Asia and Egypt.

Since ancient times, the plant has been consumed as a popular form of wine by ancient Egyptians, as a way of celebrating success and joy. The plant is defined by its psychedelic, herbal and medicinal benefits, and is used as a mind-altering drink even today.

How To Consume the Plant the Best Way?

Today, people reap the benefits of the plant by consuming it in various ways. Extracts, tinctures, powders, and spirits are some ways you can incorporate the plant into your routine.

However, the best way to consume the plant would be to drink it in the form of tea. This will serve as a mind-altering drink and will help you incorporate the plant into your diet in safe and harmless amounts. Drinking Blue Lotus tea regularly will help you both medicinally and recreationally.

How To Make the Famous Blue Lotus Tea?

It is insanely easy to brew the Blue Water Lily tea and gain the benefits of the plant. Below are the steps to make the best blue lotus tea to help calm your nerves and relax you to your fullest.

  • Take a cup of water in the vessel and let it boil.
  • To that water, add two tablespoons of dried Blue Lotus tea leaves.
  • Let the water rest for some time, say 9-10 minutes approximately.
  • To enhance the taste, add a tablespoon of honey, sugar, or jaggery.
  • Strain the tea into your cup.

And that’s it! This is how easy and relaxing it is to enjoy the Blue Lotus tea and the euphoria that comes after.

Health Benefits of Blue Lotus Tea

Unsurprisingly, the plant is known for its hallucinating effects. It helps release the happy hormones in the body, dopamine, and serotonin, and helps trigger feelings of happiness and relaxation. It aids sleep due to the presence of compounds like aporphine and nuciferine.

Many women have even tested that the plant helps relieve the pain that comes from menstrual cramps and that the plant has helped in stabilizing the menstrual cycle among several women.


Apart from consuming the plant in the form of tea, you can even consume it directly in the form of extract for instant effects. To buy the best-quality Blue Lotus extract at a budget-friendly price, head over to Hawali Pharm and avail yourself of the benefits of the plant as soon as possible!