Know-How Thermage Facial Therapy Works


Anti-aging and wrinkle treatments are certainly on the radar of sleep-deprived working mums. Fortunately, thermage is a body and facial treatment that tightens and lifts the skin by increasing the production of collagen. It is a non-surgical process that makes use of RF [Radio Frequency] to promote the growth of new collagen. 

As women grow old collagen production declines. The radiofrequency bulk heating device encourages the production of new collagen that forms gradually within three to six months. Over time the patient sees a full, shaped, and lifted appearance. 

The RF bulk heating targets dermis layers that are rich in collagen, thus encouraging new collagen production. Simultaneously, the RF even travels across the fibrous septae making them contract and offer a contour effect. 

Who is eligible for RF therapy?

RF thermage FLX therapy is recommended for women over 35, who want to use a non-invasive facelift. Women above 35 years start to see collagen depletion effects on their skin and need some tightening. It is recommended for loose and lax skin, saggy jawbones, and skin above the knees. It can target large areas like the entire face, abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs. 

How to prepare for the procedure?

It is a nonsurgical RF procedure, so there is hardly anything to do before you arrive for the scheduled appointment. However, keep your skin clean without makeup or moisturizers. Even avoid facial peels or other chemical treatments before the RF therapy. 

What to expect during the RF therapy?

The provider uses a hand-held tool to deliver RF energy inside the targeted area’s dermal tissue. You will feel some heating sensation every time the provider uses it. The time will depend on the target skin area. It can take as less as 30 minutes and as many as 2 hours. During the procedure, a cooling spray is used to protect the skin surface and lessen any pain experienced. 

What results to expect

After the thermage session, expect to see results like smooth and tightened skin between two to six months. It is a stand-alone treatment and you can expect to see the results last for 1 to 2 years. There is hardly any downtime in RF therapy. After the treatment, the treated area appears flushed. 

Possible side effects from RF therapy

Just like any other medical procedure, radiofrequency therapy has its potential complications and side effects. Some temporary side effects that vanish or decrease within 24 hours are –

  • Redness
  • Tingling
  • Minor swelling

Small indentations can be experienced in the skin but are generally temporary. If they don’t vanish or decrease after 24 hours discuss this with the therapy provider.

Retans is a 熱瑪吉 [Hong Kong medical beauty] destination for revitalizing skin’s youthfulness. It is less painful than expected but can sting at certain points on the neck and face because of skin nerves but overall it is a tolerable radiofrequency therapy. 

The little redness on the skin vanishes overnight and you don’t need to hide for a couple of days. In a few weeks, your skin will start feeling plumped and glowy but the complete results will be noticed within 4 to 6 months.