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Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Dental Crown 

Dental crowns can help fix various oral issues, such as sensitivity, a decayed tooth, uneven bite, etc. Dental crowns and bridges are popular options if your teeth require a bit of fixing. However, if you are considering dental treatment, you should always be well-informed about the procedure, side effects, etc., before you go through it. This allows you to make an informed decision. 

You should inquire about why the dentist chose dental crowns instead of other options or if there are alternate and more affordable ways to fix your teeth. Moreover, you should learn about each step of the process to know what to expect. Speak to an Antigo dentistry expert today. 

Questions you should ask before getting a dental crown 

  • Who is the best candidate for a dental crown?

Before you get dental crowns, you should know whether you are a good candidate. Not being a good candidate can result in negative consequences later. First, your dental health must be in good condition, meaning that you should not need other periodontal treatments at the moment. 

Secondly, anyone with fractured or cracked teeth, teeth with a root canal needing strengthening, large filling to be replaced, and implant to cover can opt for dental crowns. 

  • Does a dental crown procedure hurt?

No. Most people who fear dentists and dental treatments have the fear because of traditional beliefs that going into the dental clinic means hours of pain. That is a myth. Thanks to the development in the dental industry, the patient does not feel anything more than mild discomfort and sensitivity after the treatment. During the treatment, the dentist gives them an anesthetic which numbs the pain. 

  • How long do dental crowns last?

If you are considering getting dental crowns, you should know how long your investment is going to stick around. Crowns and bridges do last for a long time, but that also depends on several factors. You must take good care of your dental hygiene, brush twice every day, floss, and use mouthwash. On top of that, you also need to cut back on unhealthy and hard food items that damage and hurt your teeth. 

  • How will the dental surgery wound heal?

The wounds inside your mouth from the placement of the crown usually take a few days to heal. However, if the dentist has placed an implant under the crown, the wound might take several months to recover fully.