Dental Care

Signs You Should Consider Changing Your Dentist

Going to the dentist at least once every six months is important to maintain your dental health. It prevents the possibility of developing a cavity and having to get extensive surgeries like root canals or tooth extractions. Even though it is crucial to visit your dentist regularly, you should know when it is time to change them. 

Choosing the first dentist you can find is not ideal. There are several warning signs that indicate it is time to find a new oral healthcare provider. Choosing someone with the right qualifications, experience, and who knows what they are doing is imperative. To look for a good dentist in Tukwila, WA, visit Aesthetic Smiles. 

Signs you should consider changing your dentist 

  • Your dentist does not take your full dental history before examining you. 

It is so important to assess a patient’s full medical history before examining them because it helps the dentist know what is going on in the patient’s body, the procedures they have gone through, and any current health conditions they may have. Certain medications and treatments can affect the way your teeth react to treatment. 

For example, pregnancy can affect gums, and bacteria in the mouth can affect your heart. 

  • You have grown up. 

If you have been going to the same dentist since you were a kid, it is time for a change. While all dentists are trained to treat dental problems in people of all age groups, a pediatric dentist won’t be able to treat you as well as a dentist with experience treating adults. Pediatric dentists only treat patients between the ages of one and twelve. 

  • Your current dentist does not meet American Dental Association standards. 

If your dentist offers poor services or does not employ the latest tools and techniques, it is time for a change. You should not settle for poor treatment because you have been going to the dentist for years or near your house. Your dental health should be of paramount importance to your dentist. A medical provider who does not meet the standards of professionalism may indulge in gross recklessness and hurt you. 

  • You are not happy with your services. 

One thumb rule to follow: always trust your gut instincts. If you are not happy with your dentist’s services, it should be your first sign. It may be their usage of old techniques, not having the latest tools in their clinic, or lack of skills. Whatever the case, you deserve the best dental care treatment and should not accept anything less.