Some Of The Possible Filters For Spas

As with the swimming pool, the spa water is treated through a filter. There are several types of filters, and it remains to be seen which are the most effective? Most often, you will not have a choice, and the manufacturer has decided for you the type of filter he has installed in the spa you have chosen. Here is an article that will allow you to know more about the hot tub filters to choose your spa according to the type of filter that the team and therefore knowingly.

The Cartridge Filters

Its name comes from the shape of the filter, a cylindrical cartridge that enters a chamber through which passes the water circuit activated by the pump. The water passing through this cartridge will deposit its impurities in the fibers of the cartridge.

These cartridges are found in many water filtration devices. They have different sizes, different shapes, but all remain on the same principle. An excellent braided synthetic fiber (of the order of a micron) is stretched between two plastic circles. Thus, they offer two exchange surfaces, the outer surface of the filter and the inner surface. The fiber is often folded accordion-style as one would with a sheet of paper to increase the exchange surface. They allow advanced filtration, of the order of 15 microns, by retaining the impurities that circulate in the water in the fiber.

As for maintenance, it is necessary to monitor the nanometer of the filter, which serves to indicate the level of clogging and fouling of the cartridge. The cartridge must be cleaned when the nanometer indicates it. Over time, cleaning becomes less efficient, and it will then be necessary to change the cartridge.

The advantage of this type of filtration is the price of the cartridges, which remains cheap. So do not hesitate, as soon as the cleaning of the cartridge seems less effective, we change the cartridge, it is the water quality in your spa.

Sand Filters

The sand filter looks like a large metal or plastic canister. Inside, wonderful sand has been placed, which absorbs pollutants and allows water to pass through thanks to the pressure exerted by the pump.

This is not adequate filtration for a spa. The large size of the sand filter makes it impossible to conceal it under the tub for portable spas. Therefore, a technical room is necessary for this type of filter, and this, therefore, reserves it for built-in spas with remote filtration. Moreover, if its filtration is sufficient for a swimming pool, of the order of 40 microns, it is not fine enough for a spa.