Techniques Undertook By Psychotherapists To Cure The Addiction.

Do you know how many people in our nation are addicts? Addiction is primarily of two types namely behavioural addiction and substance addict. Behavioural addiction can further be classified into different types such as gambling addiction, gaming addiction, sex addiction, etc. 

You never know when a habit becomes an addiction. A person becomes an addict when he is unable to control his actions and impulses to perform the addicted activity. We must always view the addict as a victim of substance. This makes it easier to empathize with him. one of the ways to deal with addiction is psychodrama. 

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What is Psychodrama?

One of the ways to understand psychodrama is to break down the term into constituent terms. The first term is psycho and the second term is drama. Psycho comes from a Greek word that means mind and the word drama means to present a story in front of others. It is related to a story or a play or even a movie. 

Psychodrama is a form of therapy that was devised by Jacob Levy Moreno. It requires the parties to enact their scenes from lives, or their dreams or their fantasies. This is an effort to showcase and vent out the unexpressed feelings so that the other can gather a deeper and more developed understanding of their emotions and behaviour. 

This form of therapy is often conducted in groups because it is easy to perform in bigger numbers. The people join the enactment of any even form of a person’s life. Conventional psychodrama consists of three parts, namely the warm-up phase, the action phase and the sharing. All the regular psychodrama sessions start with a warm-up. 

During the warm-up time, the individuals of the group have to warm up and think is away so that they can relate to the issue at hand. After it is done, the protagonist of the story emerges and the whole drama is put into action. This brings the wheels into motion. Once this step is executed, the next part comes.

The next step is the sharing of the shared and common experience of the participants, which is the protagonist. While the action is going on, the psychodramas will analyse the whole group’s activity and will undertake a variety of strategies to assist the protagonist of the drama. This will help the protagonist to reach catharsis of some kind. 


The best way to cure your loved ones is to get them under the best psychodramas so that you and they can lead a normal life.