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Top 6 Causes of Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases are a group of oral diseases that affect the structures that support your teeth, in particular, the teeth supporting your gums. These dental conditions are caused by bacteria living in and on the gum tissues. You should essentially seek the consultation of a dentist in Powell, TN, for the proper treatment of this disease because the right therapy is important to get rid of this infection.

Unless you get proper treatment, the infection can spread to the supporting structures of your teeth. And advanced periodontitis might trigger tooth loss. Even though the signs and symptoms of this disease may vary from one person to another, they include bad breath, bleeding gums, bone and teeth loss, and inflammation. The presence of red or inflamed gums is a warning sign that your teeth are at risk of being affected as well.

We will now look into the top 6 causes of periodontal diseases.

  • Poor dental hygiene

In order to maintain good oral health, you should brush and floss at least twice daily. In addition to this, you should also choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. The bacteria can accumulate on your teeth if you don’t follow a proper dental hygiene routine. 

  • Tobacco use

The mouth is generally not exposed to the smoke of cigarettes, but the smoke affects the gums and mouth. The chemicals in tobacco cause gum tissue damage. It results in the reduction of oxygen levels in tissues, and tissues die from lack of oxygen.

  • Pregnancy and menopause

If you are going through hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause, you will experience a drop in estrogen levels that can weaken the gums and cause gum diseases. This is also a reason for tooth loss during the post-menopausal period in women.

  • Chronic stress and poor diet

Constant anxiety and the feeling of being socially deprived can weaken the immune system and cause periodontal disease. This is caused due to the chronic stress of a person, which his body can’t take.

  • Diabetes and other underlying medical issues

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions that cause periodontal disease. When the blood sugar levels are too high, it causes the bacteria to form acids, and this acidic environment causes gum tissue damage. This causes bleeding gums or red swollen gums that can indicate periodontitis.

  • Medication

Some of the drugs that have been linked with periodontal disease are anti-epileptics, antihistamines, blood pressure, and blood thinning drugs.