What Should I Do If I Discover That One of My Teeth is Cracked?

A cracked tooth might be a sign of more serious dental problems. Then what would you refer to something like a crack as? Biting is made possible by what is essentially a thin line that runs from the gum line to the pointed section of the tooth. This line stretches from the back to the front of the tooth. 

However, despite appearances to the contrary, the tissue that is contained within the tooth has been injured, despite the fact that the tooth itself appears to be in good shape. If you choose to disregard the issue, the tooth will almost certainly shatter into two pieces if you do so. Due to this reason, it is imperative that you make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. 

It is important to keep in mind that many individuals experience the development of fine dental cracks known as ‘craze lines,’ which randomly occur inside the tooth enamel. Contact a dentist in Vista, CA.

Dental care for a tooth that has been fractured

Your tooth will be repaired by your dentist using either a veneer or a dental crown, depending on the severity of the crack.

Using a veneer to disguise cracks in your tooth is a perfect solution if your tooth is generally intact, meaning that it has retained most of its original structure. This thin layer of porcelain is put on the damaged tooth’s front surface to mask an apparent flaw. This procedure is somewhat analogous to the application of a fake nail.

In preparation for the application of the veneer, your dentist will first remove a very thin layer of enamel from your original teeth. After that, he will take an impression of the tooth that has been prepared, and then the veneer will be fabricated according to your specific specifications. In addition, the color of this will be matched with the color of your teeth to give a seamless finish that appears completely natural. A veneer will typically continue to look good for many years after it is applied.

If the tooth’s structure is not strong enough to sustain a veneer, another option for treating a broken tooth is to have it crowned with a dental crown. In addition, if there is damage to the root nerves, root canal therapy may be required before any further treatment can be performed. If proper care is performed, the crown will safeguard the tooth by covering the portion of the tooth that is exposed, and it will continue to function normally for a significant amount of time.