Who are Endodontists and Their Treatments?

Endodontists are dental health professionals who are specialists in saving your tooth. Every endodontist is a dentist but not every dentist is an endodontist. They specialize in diagnosing toothaches, root canals, and other internal processes of the teeth. Endodontists are responsible for treating tooth decay, tooth abscess, chipping or fracturing of the tooth, as well as injuries. 

Additionally, endodontists are also known as root canal dental professionals. They are the best dentist in Rutherford, NJ that help safeguard the structure of the original tooth because cosmetic dental restoration cannot completely replace the appearance and functioning of teeth. 

Treatments Done by Endodontists: 

Endodontists are responsible for treating the issues involving the inner tissue of the teeth, pulp, and nerves. The word endodontics is made up of endo and dontics. Endo refers to the internal parts, and dontics is associated with teeth. The professionals use x-rays for the diagnosis of the tissues. 

The various kind of treatment done by endodontists are as follows:

  • Root canal 

Root canal treatment is one of the most sought-after endodontic procedures. It is done in the event of pulp infections. This treatment is used to cure the internal part of the teeth and safeguard the original tooth. The teeth may get infected by cavities, fractures, injury, or repetitive dental procedures. Root canal treatment helps in the removal of the infected area. The root canal is further cleaned and sealed off. The patient is kept under anesthesia during the procedure. The needful root canal treatment is diagnosed through x-rays. It is important to address the issue immediately, as delayed treatment can lead to tooth abscess and, ultimately, tooth loss. 

  • Endodontic surgeries 

If the issue persists even after root canal treatment, the patient may be required to undergo endodontic surgery. The surgery involves the location of minute canals and fractures present in the internal parts of teeth, which x-rays cannot assess. A lot of endodontic surgeries involve the removal of calcium deposits present in the root canal and treatment of any damage done to the roots or bone near the root canal. 

  • Dental Implants

In cases where the infections or injuries in their teeth are severe to the extent that there is no chance of recovery, tooth extraction is done by endodontists. Endodontists try their best to safeguard the teeth, even in the most serious cases. But some situations cannot be treated without extraction. The extraction leaves gaps in the mouth that can be filled by placing dental implants.