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Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a dental procedure that is utilized to make a patient more comfortable while they undergo necessary dental care. For patients who have anxieties or phobias about visiting the dentist, advanced sedation dentistry can take the edge off and provide them with the opportunity for preventative and regular care.

Sedation dentistry is often used for people who have previous dental anxieties but can also be a first step for enabling your dentist to treat sensitive areas without them being panicked by the prospect of bleeding gums. On the first visit, your dentist will ask if you have any fears or anxiety that are preventing you from getting necessary dental care.

Here are the common signs that you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry:

  • You have a long and traumatic procedure scheduled

If you have a long procedure scheduled, then sedation dentistry makes sense. It will help you stay more comfortable during the procedure to your benefit. Sedation dentistry also allows doing multiple procedures at once. You can stay awake and alert for the entire procedure. This means less time spent in the chair and more time with your family.

  • You experience extreme pain and sensitivity during dental procedures

If you experience extreme pain during dental procedures, sedation dentistry can be helpful. It is not only safe for patients who are sensitive to pain, but it is also a much faster and more effective way of relieving pain. In addition, if you have a fear of bleeding gums, sedation dentistry can be extremely beneficial. 

  • You have a strong gag or swallowing reflex

Sedation dentistry is also beneficial for people who have strong gag or swallowing reflexes. This procedure is ideal for people with a sensitive gag reflex because it allows them to breathe through their nose, and they do not swallow any air. You can receive treatment without feeling like you’re choking. Sedation dentistry also offers a good alternative for people who have issues with eating and swallowing if they are undergoing difficult procedures or are in severe pain.

  • Medical conditions are worsened by stress

If you have a medical condition that is worsened by stress, sedation dentistry can be helpful. Sedation dentistry allows your dentist to work quickly, effectively, and safely. It also helps you stay comfortable while your dentist is working on your teeth.