Your Sexual Health Matters

Sexual health is a vital component of one’s life. Emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being are all influenced by well-being. Being in good sexual health necessitates being well-informed, cautious, and sensitive to others. Sexual well-being means having sexual pleasure in a way that is pleasurable to you. Dr. DeShawn Taylor of Desert Star Family Planning is a strong supporter of sexual health care. She provides personalized quality sexual health care and wants to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your health. She offers people in Phoenix birth control services, STD testing and treatment, annual exams, and gender-affirming care. Let’s take a closer look at these services.

  • STD testing and treatment

Everyone, in general, should undergo an STD test at some point in their life. STDs are a common health problem, with over half of sexually active persons contracting one by 25. Dr. Taylor provides reliable and private STD testing, which is quick and straightforward to administer. She usually obtains a blood or urine sample. Some tests necessitate the use of a genital swab to get a sample. The doctor then sends your sample to a medical lab, where it is tested for STDs by technicians. Within a week, you should have your results. If your STD test is positive, Dr. Taylor will create a treatment plan just for you.

  • Annual exams

If you’re in good health, you might assume you can skip your annual exam. A yearly exam is an essential aspect of preventive health care since it allows you to check in on your health once a year. Your examination begins with a team member measuring your height, weight, and blood pressure. After that, you have a meeting with Dr. Taylor. She discusses your health with you and goes over your personal and family medical history. Your physical exam then begins with listening to your lungs and heart for any abnormalities. She then assesses your abdominal area, pelvic and breasts, and if necessary, a Pap smear. For 40 year-olds and above, Dr. Taylor can also refer you for a mammogram. For ladies under the age of 25, she also provides HPV immunizations. Additionally, Dr. Taylor can provide experienced, tailored counsel and information. She is an excellent source of health-related advice and information.

  • Gender affirming care

Are you queer, transgender, or gender non-conforming experiencing discrimination at the doctor’s office? Please book an appointment with Dr. Taylor as she focuses on your unique demands and safeguards your health without prejudice or prejudice. You should have access to safe, comprehensive health care regardless of your gender identification Gender-affirming care is health care that helps you live authentically in your gender. Gender affirming care involves administering hormone therapy and HPV vaccines, wellness exams, and STD testing and treatment. Gender-affirming care helps you get the medical help you need without fear of being judged, and it allows you to form a connection with Dr. Taylor to guarantee you get the interventions and treatments you need to be well.

You should be responsible for your sexual well-being and not be embarrassed about it. Dr. Taylor and her team provide safe and comprehensive health care at the facility. Make an appointment with Desert Star Family Planning today by calling or booking online.