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A Dental Implant Procedure: How Does It Work?

Dental implants are small, metal posts surgically placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. These implants are utilized to repair the gaps they leave when teeth are lost. In accordance with your needs, a dentist may attach a single crown to an implant or use the implant to support multiple false teeth.

When do dental implants become necessary?

The gap left by a lost tooth can cause your other teeth to shift out of position, despite the fact that it may not seem like a major concern. If there isn’t a tooth rooted in your jawbone, it may weaken or shrink, which could alter how your face looks. In addition, having a smile gap might make it difficult to speak, feel confident, or chew food properly.

dental implants in Winnipeg, Manitoba, can address these problems by retaining your teeth. In order to keep dentures from slipping and inflicting severe mouth sores, implants can also be utilized to secure them.

Different types of dental implants

Dental implants come in three different categories:

Dental crown supported by implant: A crown, which is simply a single fake tooth, is supported by a dental implant that is placed in the jaw.

Permanent dentures: A whole set of fake teeth may be supported by implants (dentures). This eliminates the necessity for them as opposed to detachable dentures, which are prone to displacement.

Dental bridge: Each dental bridge is supported by a dental implant in your jaw, replacing multiple teeth at once.

How to prepare

Your surgical team will thoroughly examine you before the procedure, check your overall health, and develop a treatment plan. To identify any potential risks or complications, your medical history will be thoroughly reviewed. Pre-surgery exams and blood work are also likely to be recommended.

To properly design every step of the dental implant process, it is typically required to take X-rays, pictures, and even models of your jaw and teeth.

Before the implant can be placed, a bone grafting treatment may be necessary for a different surgery if the bone in your jaw is weak or constricted. After the bone graft is completed, there will be many months before new bone starts to grow.

Timing and recovery following surgery

Surgery on dental implants is a protracted, staged operation. The surgical site must recover following each stage before proceeding to the following one. The typical timeline for completing dental implant surgery involves several months.