Alcohol and c – all you need to know

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Consumption of alcohol should altogether be avoided at all costs, but the consumption of the same in a limited and regulated amount once in a while might be beneficial to your health. But these benefits run alongside a thin border that speaks about the dark side of alcohol consumption. Alcohol can affect your health in ways that might not be preferable in the long run. 

Alcohol has the potential to successfully damage your kidney, brain, and liver, even capable of leaving a stain on your oral health. Adults who spend a significant amount of their life-consuming alcohol with no prominent healthy lifestyle tend to paddle towards death at a speed that is faster than the rest. But in this article, a Bethesda dentist will be focusing on the negative effects of alcohol on your oral health. Oral health is not all about visiting a dentist but maintaining a lifestyle that allows dental hygiene and cleanliness.

How can alcohol affect my oral health?

  1. “Xerostomia,” or dry mouth, is one of the most common aspects of alcohol consumption. While having a glass of wine or a bit of whiskey, you might feel the need to visit the washroom every once in a while. This is caused due to the diuretic characteristic of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol tends to the production of urine, resulting in the formulation of less saliva, ultimately leading to dry mouth. 
  2. Alcohol is considered to be a promoter of tooth decay. The same is the case because alcohol causes the mouth to dry out. A dry mouth means a comparatively lower level of saliva secretion, causing a smaller amount of bacteria to get washed off from the enamel, increasing the chances of tooth decay by a mile.
  3. Alcohol consumption can assist in weakening your immune system. This will ultimately result in a decrease in chances of fighting off infections that may lead up to gum diseases. This may enhance the chances of plaque, gum recession, bleeding gum, etc.


Keeping in mind all the essential aspects and ways in which alcohol can affect your health, it is quite evident that the same can cause immense harm to your oral health as well. Starting from catering to the aspect of dry mouth, to bleeding gums, cavities, and tooth decay, alcohol can cause all of the mentioned complexities within no time.