What is the Process of Getting Dental Implants in Drexel Hill?

Contrary to popular belief, the dental implant procedure is simple and effective, with a success rate of 95% or higher. So, you have nothing to worry about regarding anything going wrong during the procedure. When you go for the procedure, a dentist in Drexel Hill, PA, will use a five-step process that makes dental implants affordable for those who qualify and guarantees a stunning, self-assured smile. Visit a dentist today near you to learn more about this procedure.

Evaluating whether you are the right candidate:

When you go for the procedure, the dental implant process generally begins with a thorough consultation, during which your oral health is evaluated, and your smile goals are discussed. There are other things as well that may be done in this process. For example, the dentist may get a CT scan of your mouth using an in-house CBCT machine to aid in treatment planning, assuring precise implant placement, and detect any extra treatments required for optimal results. Choosing the right dental clinic is important since their advanced technology helps to avoid issues and nerve and sinus injuries during implant surgery.

Supplement procedures:

In some cases, when the jawbone is hampered and there is gum recession, there are other options as well. The dentists can restore your tissues during tooth extraction and implant fixture installation using procedures like soft tissue augmentation and bone grafting. What this ensures is a stable base for successful dental implants.

Implant placement procedure:

The implant placement procedure is inserting an implant fixture into the space left by your missing tooth. This is done concurrently with tooth extraction, if possible; otherwise, separate visits are scheduled. Before suturing the region for healing, precise placement is ensured. An abutment and temporary crown may be attached, but their placement may be postponed until after the recovery period.

The healing phase:

As one would expect, following implant implantation, a critical healing phase is necessary for osseointegration. By securing the implant fixture into your oral anatomy, this procedure makes your body believe that it is a natural component. Your body gains control over the fixture after successful osseointegration, ensuring the advantages and benefits of dental implants.

Final thoughts:

In this blog we have looked at the various phases of getting dental implants in Drexel Hill. Before you get it done, it is recommended to consult a dentist first.