Alpine Chiropractic Voted Best Chiropractor in Virginia Beach VA

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People suffering from pain and illnesses are now recognizing the benefits offered by alternative treatment to traditional medicines. Unlike conventional medicines, Dr. Michael Whalen focuses on improving overall health by reducing pain as well as illness. He is one of the best Alpine Virginia Beach Chiropractors

Alpine Health Center, successfully run by Dr. Whalen and his staff members, is dedicated to bringing good health and lifestyle by introducing and practicing the basics of chiropractic care in day-to-day life. They are easily accessible through their Alpine Chiropractic and people who have injured themselves could visit their website and learn more about the services offered by them. 

Dr. Michael Whalen loves to help his patients and at times also offers free consultations. Patients seeking ways to maintain and achieve optimal health could visit and book a free appointment online. Patients can also call Alpine Health Center to understand the nature of their health. 

Alpine Health Center customizes the wellness program as per their patients’ needs. They use the least invasive techniques that are highly effective to heal and reduce pain. They offer a cozy and familiar environment to make the recovery journey smooth. Some of the services offered by them are active release, massage therapy, laser therapy, personal injury-whiplash injury, acupuncture, auto injury, along with chiropractic care. 

For people suffering from problems with tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and fascia opt for active release techniques offered by Dr. Whalen. ART is a massage-based technique to treat back pain, headaches, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, auto accident injuries, knee problems, and tennis elbow. 

Their therapeutic deep massage help in reducing muscle reflex activity, promoting relaxation, and inhibiting motor-neuron excitability. They also offer laser therapy to their patients for improved cell function, decreased swelling, and reduced pain. 

Dr. Michael Whalen has helped many auto crash victims to recover completely. He offers the all-inclusive service of evaluating as well as treating personal injuries. His staff is an expert in rehabilitative therapy and offer recovery plan and individualized treatment to the crash victims. They ensure that their patients return to day-to-day activities painlessly and continue doing so permanently. 

The Chiropractic Care offered at their wellness center includes hands-on treatments and techniques to align the spine. Their spinal correction technique helps in getting rid of chronic back and neck pain. They also offer more effective and safer treatment for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. 

They also reach corrective exercises designed to correct and strengthen unique problems. Their lifestyle advice helps patients to carry out a few activities without aggravating their health condition and pain. They also recommend nutritional supplements and help people make healthy food choices. 

Their Physiotherapy treatments include ultrasound, myofascial release,

microamperage neural stimulation, cryotherapy, mechanical traction, moist heat therapy, massage, and more. People suffering from back pain or poor posture can contact them today by merely calling them at (757) 906-6641 and booking an appointment for spinal and posture screening. 

Dr. Whalen helps people achieve improved health and wellbeing most effectively, using his knowledge and experience.