Cocaine Addiction: Meaning and Possible Treatments Available for You

Cocaine addiction is when a person craves to use the drug even at the cost of physical, emotional and mental well being. Cocaine use disorder is an under researched area as not much studies have been conducted to develop a specific approach or test its efficiency. It is an extremely addictive substance, but still with the help of right treatment, the addiction can be defeated.

Recovering from the substance abuse can be challenging and will take time. Boardwalk Recovery Center understands this and they are ready to help you find tools and opportunities to support your journey. Their professional staff will help in cocaine addiction treatment Pacific Beach in San Diego, California.They promote replacing the unhealthy behaviors with healthy and happy mindset.

The hardest thing about substance abuse is admitting you have got a problem. Once you have admitted the problem than you will require a professional help of a doctor or psychologist or mental health worker.They will try to understand the root cause of the addiction while also suggesting what should be done to overcome it.

The therapist may suggest outpatient therapy or residential treatment also joining support groups and if needed medication:

  • Outpatient therapy

For cocaine addiction outpatient therapy is common, they can live in familiar surrounding with their loved ones while also travelling to facility for their treatment, which can be one-on-one therapy and group therapy.

It can vary in intensity.The individual may come for one or two hours or for six hours a day for some days of week.This will depend on how well they are recovering, at the beginning the individual may be called for long hours and as he recovers with time, he would require less hours of therapy.

  • Residential treatment

When outpatient therapy fails, residential treatment will be more helpful to the addict as he would have support of counselors and remove a triggering situation causing cocaine use. The program can be for six months, while staying there the individual gets time to discover the reason for using cocaine.

This treatment is recommended when cocaine addiction is in addition to other substance abuseand when there is health problem. This program will provide stability and sense of accountability to stay sober.

  • Support groups

The feeling of not being alone going through the recovery can provide emotional support as well as motivation to keep going. Support groups like Cocaine Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can provide a comfortable environment to share one’s feelings, thoughts and actions to people who are going through the same thing. Seeing other people are sober and have recovered from the cocaine use disorder will be inspiring.

  • Medication

There are no FDA approved medications to treat cocaine addiction till date. However, antidepressants or stimulants can be prescribed to reduce the craving, withdrawal symptoms and pleasure from consuming cocaine.

It is safe to say that medication alone won’t be sufficient for curing your addiction. It will have to accompany some kind of therapy which would help you to stay away from the drugs. Also, a counselor might be of a great assistance to help you keep you consciously distant from substance abuse.