Tips To Select the Best Bunion Surgeon

A bunion is a structural deformity, and while it might seem like a localized cosmetic problem, it affects your calf, ankle, and foot. The bunion might not seem like a big problem, especially if it is not causing issues like pain. Nonetheless, it can lead to arthritis, especially if the big toe’s joint sustains extensive long-term damage. The cartilage in your joint can deteriorate, and as you strive to correct the deformity, lapiplasty bunion surgery is recommendable.

Lapiplasty bunion surgery is a more advanced treatment and corrects the deformity on a 3D basis. This is unlike osteotomy, which involves shaving off the extra bone, sometimes adding, reshaping, or realigning the bone, or the more invasive fusion surgery. Lapiplasty targets the root cause of the bunion. The surgeon shifts and corrects the rotation of the deviated bone, an effective treatment that limits the chances of deformity recurrence.

Lapiplasty bunion surgery requires a minimal incision, translating to less visible scarring. Since it is not as invasive, you’ll recover fast and be on your feet. Moreover, post-surgical pain is reduced, as well as infection and other surgical risks and complications. While an effective bunion correction procedure, the treatment is only as good as the surgeon you select. You need to be in the right hands to realize such benefits. Here are a few tips to help you find and work with such a bunion surgeon.


How many lapiplasty bunion surgeries have you undertaken? The question should be on top of your list, with a quick follow-up on the success rate. This is mainly considering the number of patients that require a revision. Hands-on experience goes a long way in any complex process, bunion surgery included. While a doctor might have been in the industry for years, they may not have handled many lapiplasty procedures. As a result, they could favor a certain procedure like osteotomy, meaning they may not be the best for your lapiplasty.


Bunion correction can see you working with some crafty operators, especially if you are tricked into thinking it is merely a cosmetic problem. Always ensure you work with a licensed surgeon. Also, consider their educational background, ensuring they are professionals in their respective fields. Visit their website and read through their bios; this could be all you need to know about a bunion surgeon. If such a doctor trick you, you can protect your rights by pursuing legal action. A licensed and accredited doctor is unlikely to try and profiteer from unsuspecting individuals. They run a thorough diagnosis, recommend the right treatment, and help you correct the bunion.


Establishing a surgeon’s reputation in the modern setting is not much of a hassle. You can do it from the comfort of your couch. You only need to visit their website and read many user reviews to get a vivid idea of what to expect. Satisfied patients are happy to leave a helpful review, making it easier for others to work with the doctors. Unsatisfied individuals also are likely to leave a detailed testimonial. Besides the surgeon’s website, consider reviews from independent sites for a more balanced opinion. With the reviews and ratings, you’ll determine if the surgeon is likely to deliver the best results or put you through a frustrating experience.


Is the facility clean, and do they boast cutting-edge medical equipment? Lapiplasty is an advanced technique, meaning the surgeon needs the right tools for the job. A doctor who keeps up with the evolving medical technology is better positioned to deliver better services, hence the need to visit the facility and see how well-equipped they are. You don’t have to be a medical-the expert. Simply check the hygiene levels and how well the facility looks; it’ll give you a vibe of how prepared the surgeon is to handle the procedure.

Follow your gut

Do you like the staff at the front desk, the doctor, and others? Do they treat you politely and keenly listen to your concerns? If you don’t like the way your interactions are going, you’ll hardly be comfortable with the surgeon and the staff. This affects the procedure and the recovery process. Follow your gut and pick a surgeon you can freely communicate with for better progress.

In a reliable and reputable surgeon’s hands, lapiplasty bunion surgery is an effective treatment that can correct the deformity and help you avoid recurrence. With the above pointers, you are closer to narrowing your options and selecting the best bunion surgeon.