Itchy Eyes

Medically known as ocular pruritis, itchy eyes are a common problem that haunts many people. 

Many times, it occurs in people with dry eyes, a syndrome in which eyes do not produce sufficient tears. 

Itching may occur anywhere on the eye but usually, the source is the base of the eyelids, which then also makes the eyelids swollen as well. 

There are many causes for itchy eyes, and your Eye specialist can best establish the cause for your itchy eyes. However, some common culprits are enlisted below. 

Causes of itchy eyes 


Allergies are amongst the leading cause of itchy eyes. Allergens not only make it into the body via nose and mouth, but they also encounter the eyes, triggering a reaction therein. 

Alongside itching, other symptoms that allergies can cause in the eyes include redness in the eyes and burning sensation therein. Moreover, they also promote the release of clear discharge from the eyes. 

Similarly, the symptoms that are characteristic of allergies, like runny nose, breathing problems can also be observed. These symptoms aggravate when you come in contact with the allergen again, for example, for those allergic to pollen, the symptoms exacerbate when they go out, where there is pollen. 

There is no way to remedy allergies. However, you can minimize your chances of getting an allergic reaction by limiting contact with the allergen. Those with pollen allergies should wear protective garb like sunglasses, a face mask, a hat when they go outdoors. 

If you are allergic to dust, make sure that you sit in clean places and perhaps seek someone’s assistance with cleaning. 

Contact Lenses 

Contact lenses are used for vision correction mostly, but some people wear them for solely cosmetic purposes. Although they do not cause many problems, provided they are cleaned properly prior to use, however, in some cases, they might lead to itching. 

A common cause is a problem with the lens. It may be torn, or not cleaned properly so the particles on it irritate your eye, causing itching. Moreover, you might be allergic to the material of the lens, or the solution, so every time you put them on, your eyes start to itch. 

Contact lenses may indirectly be causing the itching as well. Normally, our eyes are able to clean themselves using tears. However, an allergen can stick to your contact lens, leading to itching as it’s not easy to clean the surface of the lens. 

If you suspect the material to be the cause, try different brands of the solution and the lens, to find the best fit. 

Digital eye strain 

Straining your eyes can also cause them to become itchy. Eye strain is more common when using digital devices, but can occur otherwise as well, like when driving. 

In this condition, eyes become tired from focusing on one thing for too long. This then leads to itching in the eyes alongside fatigue and dryness, to combat which they eye product extra tears, leading to watering. Moreover, eye strain also causes headaches alongside shoulder and neckache. It can also make the eyes more sensitive to light. 

One way to combat eye strain is by exercising the eyes. Use the 20-20-20 rule; after every 20 minutes, look at a thing 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. Moreover, try to facilitate your vision by using good contrast on the screens, enlarging the font, placing screens away from the glare.  


This condition is caused by the presence of too many bacteria at the junction where the eyelids meet the eyelashes. It may also be caused by clogged oil glands in the eyelid. Blepharitis then causes a dandruff-like crust to develop on the eyelashes, which then leads to itching. 

Other symptoms of Blepharitis include irritation in the eyelids alongside swelling and redness in the eyelids. If you observe these symptoms, you must contact the Best Eye specialist in Karachi for treatment. 

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