Tips for finding a good marijuana seed bank

If you’re a regular cannabis grower looking to buy weed seeds, it can be hard to find a vendor in the US. The government doesn’t regulate weed seed banks, and they don’t have any central location either, so getting your hands on quality weed seed is not always easy.

In this article, I outline some tips for finding a good weed seed bank in the US. In addition to keeping track of customer reviews, it helps to ask around in online forums and with your other grower friends who produce marijuana commercially.

Tips for finding a weed seed bank

[1] Find a US mail order weed seed company that ships discreetly

The first thing to look for when shopping for the best US mail order weed seed vendor is one that ships discreetly. If you’re ordering seeds from the privacy of your own home, chances are you don’t want anyone knowing what’s in the package you’re about to receive.

So, look for companies that ship their seeds in nondescript packages or that use a post office to deliver them (instead of private couriers). Also, make sure their website doesn’t contain any reference to growing marijuana or anything else related.

[2] Look for a discreet mail-order weed seed website

A good way to confirm a mail order weed seed vendor ships discreetly is to visit their website and look for the phrase “discreet shipping” or similar terms.

You can also look for a weed seed bank that posts small, white text (unlike the larger colors used by most cannabis seed banks) on their home page, at the bottom of each page and on product pages.

Checking out a list of all US mail order weed seed companies is another good way to find an unpublicized company. You can search Google or Amazon. Else you can use a popular research tool like Weedmaps that gathers together all vendors in your area.

[3] Get the best tips from online forums

If you’re looking for a good seed bank in the US to grow plants like the Blueberry Kush strain, this is a good point for you. You can find some good information by searching online forums. In addition to posting your own questions, look for old threads that ask users where they get their seeds and which vendors they recommend.

You can also find long conversations about specific mail order weed seed companies and whether they deliver high-quality products. Some of these conversations are useful, but a lot of them are written by people who have an interest in promoting their own seed company or website.

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