Know about Beta-hCG Test, Levels and Results

Why is the Beta hCG test ordered by the doctor?

The beta-hCG test is a type of blood test which is done to detect the level of hormones called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in blood. This hormone is usually produced after 10 days post-conception. Therefore this test is useful as a pregnancy confirmation test. A positive Beta-hCG level would mean that you are pregnant. However, you need to also test whether the presence of beta HCG is on a normal level because if it is high or low it might create some problems during pregnancy.  

Why is the Beta hCG test ordered by the doctor?

The Beta-hCG test is prescribed by the doctor if they want to analyze certain conditions related to pregnancy. Face any pregnancy-related complications including miscarriage, the Beta hCG test is ordered to be performed every 2 to 3 days to measure how quickly the hCG levels rise. This test also determines the age of the fetus.

This test is also during the evolution of fertility treatments. The Beta hCG test confirms the weather de fertility treatment being performed is successful or not. 

The Beta hCG test is also known as the quantitative blood pregnancy test. It is advised to take a Beta hCG test after you miss the period, at least up to 8 days after the due date. 

The results of the Beta hCG test are said to be positive when the hCG levels are greater than 5mIU/ml. Testing before the late period can also lead to a false-negative result. 

What Beta hCG measures?

This test is done by detecting the presence of hCG either in urine or blood. 

The ordinary qualitative urine or blood test can confirm the hCG presence. However, when it comes to the Beta hCG test, it reveals not only the hormone present in the blood but also the levels of hCG in Milli international units per ml. It is a quantitative test.  

What are the components of the Beta hCG test?

Since this test is very quantitative; it tells you the amount of hCG present in the blood samples and also their levels. The levels are measured in mIU/ml and have a normal range which is used as a comparing tool for the tests performed. Since every pregnancy is different, the ranges may vary. 

Even after a qualitative urine test to confirm pregnancy, it is ordered by the doctor to take the Beta hCG test to get a detailed report and diagnosis of the situation. 

The normal range for hCG levels is as follows:

Non-pregnant up to 4
Post Menopause up to 13
Pregnancy (Post Imp)  
4-5 wks 1500- 23000
5-6 wks 3400- 1,35,300
6-7 wks 10,500- 1,61,000
7-8 wks 18,000- 2,09,000
8-9 wks 37,000- 2,19,000
9-10 wks 42,800- 2,18,000
10-11 wks 33,700- 2,18,700
11-12 wks 21,800- 1,93,200
12-13 wks 20,300- 1,66,100
13-14 wks 15,400- 1,90,000
2nd Trimester (14-26 wks) 2800- 1,76,100
3rd Trimester (26- 39 wks) 2800- 1,44,400

If there are any abnormalities in the levels, then it could lead to certain results.

If high levels of hCG are seen in the results:

  • It indicates normal pregnancy 
  • It can also mean that there are chances of multiple pregnancies 
  • A molar pregnancy means that there’s the growth of a mass of tissue instead of a placenta inside the uterus
  • It can also mean that there are hints of germ cell tumor
  • It can also mean that there’s a hydatidiform mole

If lower levels of hCG are seen in the results:

  • It could mean that there was a threatened abortion
  • A possible miscarriage
  • Miscalculated gestational age
  • It could also mean that there is ecotopia pregnancy

Because of this very list of what could be the actual result from the Beta hCG test, one should always consult a doctor and not directly jump to their conclusions. 

In case of undetectable or inconclusive results and the women still having the symptoms of pregnancy, it is recommended to take the Beta hCG test again after three days.

What’s required to do before taking a Beta hCG test?

There are no such instructions to be followed before taking a Beta hCG test such as fasting. The test will be provided to you within a few hours after the blood draw. It is advised to take this test when your period is late and you want to confirm pregnancy. However, do ask your doctor to clarify whether you need to follow instructions before the test. 

Once you’re confirmed with pregnancy through the Beta hCG test, make sure to participate in prenatal care along with your family doctor and obstetrician. In case of any other abnormal test results get in touch with your doctor and get prescribed the needed medications or tests.

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