Treat Your Cavities with Tooth-Colored Filling and Enjoy Its Benefits

People have a goal always to maintain a cavity-free smile. Many people find all their efforts to protect their smile is going waste. They are unable to stop the formation of decay. Sadly, you will develop cavities at some point in life. When a person has a cavity, they need restorative dental care to restrict it from growing further.

A filling is the standard method a Rancho Bernardo dentistry uses to treat cavities, restore your tooth to full strength, and repair the damage. For years, Hekmat Dental Care providing dental health to protect the smiles of its patients. The professional dentist at Hekmat Dental Care provides quality personalized care that a patient deserves. You will realize you have some problem with your tooth while visiting your dentist for your routine dental exam.

The sooner you discover cavities, the sooner you can address the problem. When people think about treating cavities, all they can think about is getting filled with metal-like compounds. However, it can lead to dental problems in future. With the advancement in dental technology, the use of composite filling has become widespread.

The tooth-colored filling is a safer method to treat cavities. It is available at almost every dental care of Rancho Bernardo. You may also consult your dentist whether this method is accurate for you or not. At the same time, your dentist may suggest you get the tooth-colored filling to resolve your cavity problem because the tooth-colored filling offers many benefits. These days, many dentists provide a brief description of the dental treatment they plan for their patients.

It is always better to do some homework about it on your own. People know tooth-colored filling is a dental process to treat cavities, but only a few of you know about the various benefits this treatment process offers. Let’s explore the benefits of tooth-colored filling.

A quicker treatment

No one wants to spend much of their time at a dental clinic, and tooth-colored filling saves people a lot of time. The tooth-colored filling is not only a quicker process, but it is also a painless process. It usually takes around or less than one hour to take care of one or two cavities.

The Rancho Bernardo dental care professionals proceed with the filling process after making sure you feel comfortable after applying local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums around the area of treatment. It takes around 10-15minues for anesthesia to take effect. Firstly, your dentist will clean off decay from the inside of your tooth and fill your teeth and harden the filling using a special curing light. Lastly, the dentist will rearrange the shape of the filling polish the teeth to prevent interference with your bite.

The best part about the tooth-colored filling procedure is that you can eat and drink right afterward.

It looks more natural

Perception is reality, and everyone is aware of this fact. Sometimes, seeing an amalgam filling in your can be off-putting. A dark spot appears because of these fillings and is rather obvious, especially in a visible tooth when you smile. The tooth-colored filling has biocompatible material like composite resin in it.

The tooth-colored fillings blend perfectly with the adjacent tooth structure. It is different from the silver and gold amalgam filling of the past. The composite filling is more customizable, and you have the option to choose any shade or color. It allows the filling to blend with the affected teeth and the surrounding teeth.

No one can detect if you have a cavity or not when you get your tooth-colored filling by an experienced and skilled dentist. The composite filling can also revamp any existing minor issues such as –

  • Discoloration
  • Minor chips
  • Cracks

You can yawn, laugh, and speak without any hesitation or being conscious because the only thing people can see is your camouflaged – filled beautiful white teeth.

A long-lasting process

A tooth-colored filling is both long-lasting and durable. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, regular brushing, and flossing with regular dental checkups, can last for ten to fifteen years. If you take proper care of your gums, teeth, and fillings, you will need dental attention after a long time. You should make sure to brush your teeth two times a day and floss your teeth every day.

At the same time, visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and go for regular dental exams. Apart from this, you should avoid chewing hard candies or ice as all of this can chip or dislodge the filling.

Other than these benefits –

  • Tooth-colored filling left your tooth structure intact and healthy.
  • It provides comprehensive protection to the tooth.
  • It has fewer health risks.
  • The tooth-colored filling protects your tooth structure without disrupting your appearance.
  • It offers metal-free dentistry.
  • Tooth-colored filling ensures bone health.
  • The tooth-colored filling has zero mercury.

If you have cavities, contact your dentist and get the treatment as soon as possible. With the advancement of dental techniques, you have many options for treating cavities without any complication or change in your appearance. The tooth-colored filling is one such treatment options available for you.